The Jamboree theme, "Scout Higher and Wider", meant to encourage a continuous effort to explore higher and wider not only in 1963's world of scientific and technological progress into outer space, but also to explore the field of higher and wider standards of courage, integrity and honour.

The imposing structure at Place des Nations (Nation's Square), the Jamboree's main gateway, symbolized exactly this motto: Higher and Wider. It was designed by Stavros Michalitsianos.

The Emblem Creator
The person who designed the jamboree emblem was Demosthenes (Dimos) Skoulakis, a Greek painter and visual artist born in Athens in 1939 with family stock from Chania city, Crete. He studied in the prestigious School of Fine Arts of Athens and in Paris, alongside world-famous Greek painters Fotis Kontoglou and Yiannis Moralis. He also studied stage design and initially worked as a cartoonist for newspapers and magazines. The anthropocentric character was characteristic of Skoulakis' work and indicated the clear influences by his teachers.

Skoulakis was a relative of the Chief Executive Commissioner of the Scouts of Greece and jamboree Camp Chief Dimitris "Rann" Alexatos, the person who not only conceived the idea of organizing the 11th jamboree in the country, but also carried it through under many difficulties. Alexatos was scouting mentor to Chief Scout of Greece Crown Prince Constantine and had friendly relations with the Greek Royal Palace. Under the circumstances, the 24 year old Skoulakis who was fulfilling his military duties in 1963, found himself seconded to the military staff working for the jamboree signs, documents and forms.

Dimos Skoulakis passed away on Wednesday, December 10th, 2014 at age 75. Greek scouts will perhaps never see another design of such world recognizability, nor is it likely that Dimos Skoulakis will ever be known for this specific design. Luckily, his legacy as an artist is there for the world to ponder.

Theme of 11
The (11th) Jamboree was centered around the theme of 11. For example, the Jamboree lasted 11 days, August 1st to 11th; participants were organized in 11 subcamps and the Wide Game played by all Scouts during the first days at camp, required groups of 11 scouts from 11 different nations to line up in order to form the work NENIKHKAMEN (greek for "We have won").

This was the actual last word of Phidippides, the ancient Greek soldier-messenger who, in 490 BC, ran all the way from Marathon to Athens, 26 miles 385 yards or 42,195 km, to convey to his fellow Athenians the news of victory against the Persians at the historic Battle of Marathon. He whispered NENIKHKAMEN and fell dead from exhaustion. He was the one to define the route what later became the cornerstone of Olympic sports: The Marathon Race.

Marathon Courier
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