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We exclusively present herein two movies (the first two in the drop-down menu below), which were shot during the Jamboree at Marathon, in August 1963. The movies were found on VHS which waw digitally captured without further loss of image quality, which was already low. We translated the original audio commentary from Greek to English language and closed captioned both films in English.

The first movie is a 1963 newsreel produced by the General Secretariat of Press and Information of the Greek Government. It is shot in documentary style and has a duration of 20 minutes. It shows the main Jamboree activities and everyday life: parades, exchanges, world leaders' messages, visits, campfires, the World Display at Panathenian Stadium and the closing ceremony.

The second movie presented is "Higher and Wider", a film made by Paramount about the 11th World Jamboree. The movie unfolds around the Jamboree life of a Greek boy scout named Dimitris - a real scout, not an actor. The movie shows the arrival of international delegations, the settlement and convenience constructions, the ceremonies, sea activities, cooking, the Labours of Hercules, the parades, visits at the Parthenon and the World Display at the Panathenian Stadium. It was released in 1964 and has a duration of 28 minutes. Narration is in Greek language; close captioned english translation. The movie official aired in Greece on the 24th of April 1964, on a special projection at the "Esperides Hall" of the Athens Hilton. The production of the movie was sponspored by H. Glenn Gixby, President of Ex-Cell-O Corporation of Detroit, Michigan. Gixby was there during the airing in Athens and was honored for his support by the General Chief of the Scouts of Greece, Dimitris "Rann" Alexatos.

Selected scenes from the 2 documentaries were used to author 2 video clips of the Jamboree song, in the familiar tune of Academy Award-winning composer Manos Hatzidakis. The first clip includes the Greek-language lyrics written by Nikos Gatsos and sang by the Childrens Chorus of the Palace, which is the original version that appeared in the official 45 RPM Jamboree record back in 1963. The clip is close captioned in both the greek lyrics in latin characters and in their english translation. The second video clip features the Italian song, close captioned with the italian lyrics and their english translation.

A series of other videos from different sources is included.

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